•   Shipping information
    As soon as we receive your order we will begin to work on it, please keep in mind that all ball pits are made to order and we require 7-12 business days to have it ready and complete, once we inspect the Ball pit we will pack it and ship it with Canada post. You will receive a notification as well as a tracking number to keep an eye on your Ball pit.
    * Backpacks will be shipped within 24 hours after you placed your order using Canada post as well.
    • Exchanges and returns (ball pit)
    We offer exchange of product in case of damage but we DO NOT offer full returns. 

    Since we offer free shipping to our Canadian customers (which is actually 42$) having the ball pit shipped and return will costs us around 82$ Therefore we are unable to provide full refunds as it would be a huge loss for us as a company, to prevent any issues we make sure every single ball pit is inspected before it’s shipped.