About Us

BabyLu+Co is a family owned business. We are a family of 4 : husband, wife and two beautiful kids. Our company started just as a small idea back in 2016  and did not become a reality until we decided to create the first ball pit for our back then 9 month old daughter, which turned out perfect and brought so much joy and fun to her and her little friends when they came over to our house. Immediately after we made that first ball pit we realized that we had found a product that kids absolutely love and  fit in any interior design,  our small shop officially launched  April 2017.

Our company was named after Luna (BabyLu) and we added the “and company” because we were expecting our second child but at the time we opened our shop we didn’t know the gender so decided to name it BabyLu + Co. Luna and Liam have become our inspiration not only to try to be the best versions of ourselves but also to jump in the entrepreneur journey and start a brand that will create unique, safe, fun and stylish products for kids and parents to love.

It is important for us to use high quality materials when making any of our products so you and your babes can love and enjoy them to the max. We are proud to say that every single product we sell  is unique, designed, sourced and made with love right here in Ontario. 

All of our prints are designed exclusively for BabyLu + Co with the modern parents and babes in mind. 

Thank you for supporting our business and for loving our products it really means the world to us. If you have any questions or comments please email us, we would love to hear from you.